Welcome to My Father's Garden of Health

My Father's Garden/Inside Out Wellness

My Father’s Garden of Health is a natural health & wellness store owned by Dr. Betsy E. Rabold and located in historical downtown Westfield, Indiana. We offer retail natural products and services such as supplements and essential oils, as well as comprehensive naturopathic care through the Inside Out Wellness practice on site. We are here to help bring all aspects of health – mind, body, and spirit – into balance.

A life-threatening illness and subsequent treatment gave Dr. Betsy E. Rabold reason to look at her life and the ailments following. She turned to her father's wisdom using natural products and treatments to improve her health. Her father used home remedies for an assortment ailments. Rabold wants to share her knowledge and love of all things natural to her clients and give a little bit of her dad's special talent as well as the Heavenly Father's abundance back to as many people as she can.

​We provide premium quality natural products. We also feature some natural products crafted by local artisans. We want to do our part to support the local economy. Please visit the Contact Us page if you have a product you would like to feature in the store.